"Am so happy to have found these" - Teacher

"I am very excited about finding these DVD's for my autistic and asperger students. They present real kids with practical everyday scenarios and dialogue that my kids are missing. I know my students will be able to relate to these lessons more because students their age are teaching them, not adults preaching at them. The format is great--simple, colorful and creative, but not too distracting. I can tell that someone who understands the unique social needs of Asperger's created these lessons. They can be viewed with the parent and student at home, or can be used in speech therapy sessions, or in other small groups. As I work in an independent study program, they are perfect for our needs. Thank you. I spent many hours searching for resources, and am so happy to have found these."

- Joanie Brown, Olive Grove Charter School, Los Olivos, California

"Professional" - Mom

"My daughter loves this video. She has already watched three times since late yesterday... It is so professional and even I enjoyed it. I have gotten so many things in the last 3 years that were such a waste of money for her that I feel so blessed when she actually responds to something that is going to help her! I can't wait for the next one to come out."

-Shelley, Mother of 5-year old, Texas

"Easy-To-Follow Rules" - Mom

"Time for School is a terrific video with easy-to-follow rules for classroom and playground interaction. My child loved it!"

-Amy, mother of 7 year old, Maryland

"All time favorite movie" - Child with Autism

Thank you to Jeffrey, age 10, for sending us his Report on "Time for School." Read Jeffrey's Report.

"The videos are great..." - BCBA

"Both Susan Moreno and I had the opportunity to review these videos and we were both very impressed with the quality. The videos are great not only because the skills are modeled by peers, but also because the skills are broken down step by step and then reviewed using the storyboards which have actual pictures of the scenes depicted in the video..." Read full review.

- Lara Blanchard, M.A., BCBA of MAAP Services

"Wanted to watch again" - Mom

"My 3-year old watched the DVD three times last night and still wanted to watch again. Thanks for your great service."

-Lisa, mother, Utah

"An excellent video" - Teacher

"An excellent video called 'Time for School' is available from a company called Model Me Kids that shows students exactly how to perform a particular social skill."

- Laura Candler, Teacher

"Recommend this video to the school" - Mom

"I just recently ordered the video 'Time for School'. What an excellent video. I have a child with Aspergers. He meets with the shool psychologist weekly in a small group for social skills practice. I will recommend this video to the school".

- Joan T., Connecticut

"SLP staff is thrilled" - SLP

"I just wanted to let you know that we really love the DVDs that we just purchased from you! We have a pediatric private practice and our SLP staff is thrilled with them."

- Patti Hamaguchi, Hamaguchi & Associates Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologists, Inc.

"'Time for School' is Awesome" - Mom

"I am a parent and my son is HFA [High Functioning Autism] and in 2nd grade. The school he attends is the central school for autistic children in our County. I am also the chairperson of the special ed advisory council and we are starting a peer mentoring program in our county. I have a copy of your "Time for School" and it is awesome."

- Sue M., Morgantown, West Virginia

"An excellent tool" - Therapist

"I love your video. It is an excellent tool for my Aspergers social skills group."

-Caron Starobin, LCSW-C, Group Therapist for boys with Aspergers

"Helped my son tremendously!" - Mom

I am interested in purchasing the Conversation Cues DVD. I have the other 3 DVDs and think they are WONDERFUL! Please contact me as soon as it becomes available. Thank you for the great work that you are doing. It has helped my son tremendously!

- Diane

"My daughter loves your dvds" - Mom

"My daughter loves your dvds and I am sure many other children do as well. These dvds are so important and really work. After viewing the conversation dvd, my daughter actually practiced (without prompting) eye contact and has improved greatly! You are positively affecting this community and I applaud your efforts!"

-Marie, New Jersey

"10 out of 10" - A Fan

Dear Model Me Kids:

My name is Adam, and my Mom got your videos for me, and they are great. I am a grade 3 student and I love to learn and your movies I'd say are a 10 out of 10. In Time for a Playdate I learned that I should stay with my friend all the time and if I don't they will become sad. I also learned to talk on topic, and I believe I can now do it. So I'd like to become one of your Model Me Kids team members. Because I want to be in Hollywood! Just kidding, anyway I want everybody in my family to be proud of me and the Model Me Kids team.

Adam, Age 9

Watch Model Me Kids "In Action"in the Classroom


" My Son Has ADD/ADHD..." - Mom

"Your video series is great for ADD & ADHDers too. My son has ADD/ADHD and has difficulty navigating social interactions. I bought your series for his special ed teacher to use in his social class. It is really great. Thank you. I think it could be helpful to other parents of [children with] ADD & ADHD."

- Theresa, Carlsbad, CA

" Finally something made sense to him" - Mom

"I cannot believe how much your DVDs have helped my son. They are an answer to our prayer--in a big way! It was unbelievable how he identified with each and every situation given in the video. Finally something made sense to him! We try to coach our Aspie kids through these circumstances, but until they actually can watch it, the pieces of the puzzle do not quite come together. I own Model Me Conversation Cues and Model Me Friendship. I was so excited to see that you have Tips & Tricks coming out soon! I cannot thank you enough!

- Holly Massman, Iowa

" Catches Their Attention" - Mom

"Hi, just as an FYI..we purchased these 3 DVDs because we thought they would be a good tool to have to teach proper etiquette to children...and they really do. I understand you created them for children with certain disorders but in all honesty, all children should watch them because many of the "lessons" taught are unfortunately vanishing now a days. My children and my nieces and nephews love the DVDs. You should see my nieces and nephews right after they see the DVDs ---they are so polite! You should market them under proper children etiquette category. The fact that children are the actors is what catches their attention. Just thought I would give you guys a thumbs up!"

- Mother of 7 year old

" Thanks for such a great product" - Mom

"I think the video is great. I love the fact that there is no background music. He can concentrate on the video...I have already implemented Stop, Look in the Eyes, and Listen when I'm talking and it is starting to work. Thanks for such a great product."

-Leanne, mother, North Carolina

" Our son was captivated" - Mom

"Thanks for the DVD. It looks great! Our son was captivated, and asked to keep watching when I showed it to him."

- Jennifer, mother of 10-year old, Massachusetts

" A Valuable Resource" - Professior of Special Education

" Model Me Kids provides a valuable resource for teaching children appropriate behaviors that will serve them well in school and other group situations. I can imagine teachers making use of these video vignettes as part of their planned social skills instruction, or in a spontaneous manner during a teachable moment."

- Tom McIntyre, Professor, Dept. of Special Education, Hunter College

" Mandatory viewing" - ABA Therapy Mom

"Your DVDs are great! Our daughter LOVES them and has learned so much from these! We make them mandatory viewing for our home ABA therapy team."

- Karen Hofferber, Texas

" Loved it" - Autism Teacher

"I wanted to tell you that I showed Time for School to my students and they loved it! We discussed the social skills after watching it and they remembered everything. They talked about it all day long!"

- Cindy Glew, Autism Teacher

" Amazed" - Mom

"I am amazed at how perfect your videos are for the way that my autistic son learns. He stops the videos and practices the phrases. It was even more amazing when he used them with the typically developing child next door."

- Susan, Texas

" A valuable tool" - Special Education Teacher

"I use the Model Me Conversation Cues DVD, Teaching Manual, and Student Workbooks in a high school social skills class with 7 high functioning students with Asperger's. The lesson plans are wonderful. My students are learning without even knowing it! I have seen my students initiate conversation and use the rules that they have learned in their general education classes with their peers. I would recommend this as a valuable tool for anyone working with students with Autism."

- Candice Clark, Special Education Teacher, McKinney, Texas

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