Frequently Asked Questions

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Sole Source Affidavit

Model Me Kids, LLC is the sole source of all Model Me Kids products. Click here for our Sole Source Affidavit

Ordering Options

Option 1. Order Online: You may order online with a credit card. We accept Visa or Mastercard.

Option 2. Purchase Order: We accept purchase orders from schools in the United States and Canada. To determine the shipping costs and catalog item numbers, add items to the online shopping cart. If using a purchase order for digital products, please include an email address to which we can email your license codes.

Purchase orders may be emailed or mailed to us for processing. The fastest way to process a purchase order is to email it to us at:

If you are an institution outside of the United States or Canada, please order online.

Option 3. Mail a Money Order: You may purchase by money order drawn on a U.S. bank. No personal checks please. We are unable to accept payment by checks drawn on a non-U.S. bank. To determine shipping costs and catalog item numbers, add items to the online shopping cart. You may print out your online shopping cart page and include it with your order. Mail to:

Model Me Kids, LLC
PO Box 1901
Rockville MD 20849

Please note: We do not process telephone orders at this time.

Mailing Address:

Model Me Kids, LLC
PO Box 1901
Rockville MD 20849


(888) 972-1425 (toll-free)

We accept U.S. and Canadian purchase orders by email, fax, or mail.


Each purchase of physical products comes with a single user. For detailed license information, click here.

Can't See Add to Cart Buttons

If you are accessing our website from a school or business location, there may be a firewall interfering with your ability to use our shopping cart. In some instances, a firewall may prevent the appearance of "add to cart" or "proceed to checkout" buttons. Your options are to contact IT personnel to address the firewall issue, access our website from a home computer, or if a school you may issue a purchase order and fax to us at 888-972-1425.

Shipping Information

All physical orders are shipped by U.S. Mail (USPS).

International orders will need to pass through customs and the timeframe of that process varies based on the destination country. For additional information on international shipping, click here.

Shipping Costs

To determine shipping/handling costs, add items to the online shopping cart.


App Information

For information about our apps, click here


We currently have twelve videos and one software product available: Model Me Faces & Emotions™, Time for School™, Time for a Playdate™, I Can Do It!™, Model Me Conversation Cues®, Model Me Friendship™, Model Me Tips & Tricks™, Model Me Organization & Motivation™, Model Me Confidence & Bullying Prevention™, Model Me Going Places™, Model Me Training™, Model Me Movement™, and Model Me Interactive: Practicing Conversation software.

Product comparison chart

Packages are available through our online shopping cart. See also teaching manuals and student workbooks.


Your privacy is important to us. We will not add you to any third party mailing list or sell any of your information.

Other Materials

A Teaching Manual and Student Workbook for use with the Time for School, Time for a Playdate, I Can Do It!, Model Me Conversation Cues, Model Me Friendship, Model Me Tips & Tricks, Model Me Organization & Motivation, and Model Me Confidence & Bullying Prevention DVDs are currently available. Sold separately from physical DVDs.

Video Format

DVDs are in NTSC format. For international customers, please check your DVD player to make sure it is NTSC compatible. The region code is set to all regions.

Closed-captioning is not available.

International Orders

We ship internationally. Customers are responsible for any duties or fees in going through international customs.

More international shipping information

Photo CD-Rom

Most of our videos comes with a free photo CD of still photos from the video. The photos may be used to test and reinforce the skills modeled in the DVD.


All returns and exchanges require an RMA number. Contact us obtain an RMA number prior to returning item.

Returns are accepted within thirty (30) days of purchase if sealed in the original packaging.

The customer is responsible for return shipping costs, and original shipping is not refundable. If shipping/handling was free, a $15.95 shipping/handling charge or actual cost of shipping (whichever is greater) will be deducted.

Opened DVD cases that are not in the original shrink wrap and books not in the original shrink wrap are not returnable.

Any defective product will be exchanged.

Digital videos for our app are not returnable.

Additional Information

Please read our Terms of Service

If you have additional questions or comments, feel free to contact us by email. We make every effort to respond to customer email within 24 hours.