Mac Installation

Download app

You will first need to download the app by clicking the Download Mac Version button on the following page: This should start the downloading of the app. Once it completes downloading, continue on with the instructions.

Install app

Now you need to install the app. Find the icon (location choices shown in the images below) and double click on the icon:

image 1:

image 2:

Since you downloaded this app from the Internet, your Mac will typically ask you if you are sure you want to run it. You can click Open.

Now drag the Model Me Job Skills app to the Applications folder on the right.

NOTE: If you don't see the above screen, you will need to double click on the Model Me Job Skills app icon shown in the bottom right corner of the above example image.

If you are updating the app, you may see the following message. It is okay to click Replace.

Model Me Job Skills has now been placed in your applications folder. To open the app, simply click on Launchpad and click on Model Me Job Skills from within your list of applications.