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Autism Software Tutorials

Learn how to use our Autism Software with the tutorials below.

Tutorial 1: Logging In (Users and Teachers)

Tutorial 2: Navigation

Tutorial 3: Using the Videos

Tutorial 4: View and Grade Recordings

Tutorial 5: Other Features (Customizing the Software)



To get updates, the software must be installed on your computer. After updates have been installed, only run the software from the version installed on your software because that will have the latest changes.

Recent Autoupdates

The following have been corrected in an autoupdate:

  1. Chapter 1.2: record area does not pause for user to give one of the lines.
  2. Chapter 1:3: record area has missing sentence.

Next Scheduled Autoupdates

None scheduled

Installation Errors

When installing the software for the first time, Adobe's AIR software must be installed on the computer. When you click on "Install Model Me Interactive," the program should automatically install Adobe AIR on your computer. This may not always happen, in which case you might get an installation error message. If an installation error occurs, do the following:


To resolve this error, download and install the Adobe AIR software prior to running our installer from the CD.

1. Go to Adobe Air

2. Download the Adobe AIR Intaller

3. Run the downloaded file to install Adobe AIR on your computer

4. Once Adobe AIR is successfully installed, reinsert your CD to install our software.

Registration Error

I get a registration error message when I enter the serial number. What should I do?

All serial number letters and numbers are lower case. A zero is indicated by a circle with a line through it. Try lower case "L" instead of "1" and vice versa. See below examples of zero and "L."

serial number


For additional technical support, contact us by email

Frequently Asked Questions about our Autism Software

What are the system requirements for running the software?

  • Windows: Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon® 64 processor
  • Mac OS: Multicore Intel processor and Mac OS X v10.6 or higher
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 1GB of available hard-disk space
  • 800x600 display and 16-bit color
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Webcam
  • Internet Connection

I don't have an internet connection on my computer, am I still able to register the product?

Yes. You may use another computer to obtain a registration number by following the instructions when you go to register. Once you register, you will receive a registration number that you can then enter into the computer on which you are running the software.

Can I customize the software?

Yes, go to the settings tab. Also watch Tutorial #5.

Will the software run on both PC and Mac?


Why is an internet connection required?

The software will need to be registered to the computer on which it will be used. Registration requires an internet connection and the serial number on the software packaging.

Can I run the software on more than one computer?

No, the software will be registered to the computer on which you first run it. One backup use of the registration serial number is provided.

I can't find my QuickStart Guide that came with the software.

Download a copy of the QuickStart Guide.

Do I have to install the software?

No, you may choose to run it from the CD instead of installing it. In either instance, the CD must remain in the drive for the software to function. However, at this time there have been updates to the software and you will not be able to access those updates. We therefore advise that you install the software and run from the installed version.

To learn more about the software, click here

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